Android Application Development Program
Date: Friday, 8th July | Time: 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
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Our Partners
Our Approach
Real time verbal and visual communication
Two-way quality video and audio synchronized with rich content collaboration,
Live interaction
Real time data transfer to enable live delivery
Learn from the best.
Technical and Academic student support
Access to Archives
Usage of live collaboration tools such as
o Whiteboard annotations
o Chats
o Guided Browsing
Study flexibly, anywhere in the world,
and receive a recognized and respected certification.
Our courses provide quality,
research-informed curricula, combined with personal academic support.
Studying with us,
you'll be part of a collaborative learning community
and have access to excellent learning resources.
Shared professional experience
will enrich your studies
All of our courses do not
require time away from work.
Online Session

Madhuram Srivastava

"The session is going interesting day by day because i am learning new things in every class , these classes enhancing my skills and helping me out for revising."...

Manish Kumar

"ADTC Global Android Program is a great program. Faculties really helps you understand everything if you are having a problem, the one-on-one time was great."...

Kunal Gupta

With the help of ADTC Android Program I have substantially improved my understanding of Android Programming. ADTC Global Education is simply an example of studying in a congenial environment....

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