Android is the Future - Android and iOS at Two Extremes!

Did you notice a remarkably suggestive development in mobile operating system marketplace? Recently, WhatsApp announced in one of its blog posts that WhatsApp will discontinue supporting a few mobile operating systems next year, i.e., starting 2017. Some notable platforms scrapped by WhatsApp include Nokia’s mobile platforms and Windows Phone 7.1 along with BlackBerry.

WhatsApp’s strategy to focus on fewer platforms is clear here. This is very suggestive and confirms that the much talked about mobile platform war is over and shows the emergence of two big winners, with Android obviously having invincible lead. Last year, Android devices accounted for 81.5 percent of global smartphone sales, up from just 3 percent in 2009.

As Android gobbled up the market share since 2009, all other mobile operating systems have been caught in the same vicious circle, some sooner and some later. The vicious circle of publishers and app developers preferring operating systems with substantial user base on one hand, and on the other hand users going for operating systems depending on the availability of their favorite apps. As soon as users are going a particular platform, app developers soon follow and vice versa.

Following chart shows smartphone operating system market share since the year 2009.

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