EMBAs and Handsome Salaries Go Hand-in-Hand, Survey Suggests

Let’s start with a statement that, EMBAs and handsome salaries go hand-in-hand. It has been suggested by various surveys that professionals with an EMBA degrees have better prospects of getting hike. A new survey conducted by the Executive MBA Council claims that professionals holding an Executive MBA are more likely to secure higher salaries and bonuses of different kinds after earning their EMBA degrees than most other MBA holders, especially in an unstable and volatile economy.

The popular 2012 Student Exit Benchmarking Survey, which was conducted to check the Return on Investment and quality of various EMBA programs, uncovered that the EMBA graduates of the year 2012 saw a 17.3% hike in their salaries. This was judged considering duration from the beginning to the end of their EMBA programs.

The average compensation package for EMBA graduates, which started with $140,587 at the commencement of their EMBA program, reached the mark of $164,845 upon completing the executive MBA program.

The 2012 Student Exit Benchmarking Survey considered 3,072 students from 98 different EMBA programs in the United States.

While an Executive MBA degree can give you the required stuff to climb up the ladder in your professional life (with usually a handsome gain a higher salary), remember that not all EMBA programs can be expected to do so. You need a degree from a reputed institution. As such, following are the factors that you should consider before deciding on a particular EMBA program:

Quality of Course Curriculum
Quality of Teaching Methodology and Tools: Lectures, effectiveness, infrastructure etc.
Quality of Faculty and Support

Properly evaluate your Executive MBA program you are considering. Dig down and get your feet wet to judge whether the online executive MBA program you’re considering is really right for your purpose.

For example, a really smart way to go about your research is to check if you can audit the class (online class or synchronous learning environment in case of online executive MBA), so you can get a firsthand account of how the instructor delivers the course content and interacts with the class. Proper research is required to check if the program is a good fit for you. And once done, it will really be worth the time and investment.