Supply Chain Management - Let’s talk Certification!

By way of introduction, I am Amitabh Sen Gupta, Director, ADTC Global Education. For the past few months, I have had the privilege to work with the IIFT team on designing a Certification Program in supply chain management which we proudly rolled out earlier this month! IIFT is among India’s top B-schools and this program on strategic supply chain management is an important one because it is a unique program that mimes at both career and skill building for supply chain professionals. The course focuses on strategic business issues, Competitive aspects and other important supply chain issues.

Before producing the details of the program, let me make a statement that while working on this initiative with IIFT, it dawned upon me that developing a certification is quite typical to the supply chain. You start with concepts to be included as modules, these are the raw materials. The raw materials are then processed into modules. Resources and documentation are gathered to create the evaluation and assessment process. This is quite similar to the supplier phase. A final review is done before the certification is considered ready. The completed, packaged certification programme is then handed over to the delivery partner (the distributor) for distribution to partners as well as the aspirants worldwide. Partners would be the retailers in this analogy. Thus, everything including a certification program supply chain has a supply chain.

Information on the program is available both at, and on a dedicated page on IIFT website. Our program page has FAQs and reference material, news and announcements, and similar useful stuff.

We’re building this program from the ground up, and the program is designed to help professionals in supply chain management upgrade their career and move to more strategic and higher managerial positions..

The group behind the Certificate Programme in Strategic Supply Chain for Business Excellence brings years of experience from all facets of IIFT and ADTC Global Education. They are the brains and the manufacturers of the most comprehensive certification in strategic supply chain management.

You must have heard many times from the exam developers that it is harder to build an exam than it is to take and pass it. As such, I am proud to be able to lead the group and direct them to scope.

We look forward to offering a world-class certification program in strategic supply chain management that is fair, challenging, and one that will provide competitive advantages to both the participants and IIFT.