What Do You Think Employers Are Looking for in Android Developers

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we claim that the present time is the best time to be an Android developer. The technology is no doubt very exciting and consequently flourishing. As a result, we can observe new devices flooding the world, creating huge demand for additional android developers. With a strong and loyal user base (which is increasing with every passing day), the possibilities for attractive and fruitful employment opportunities seem endless. To confirm our claim, IAMAI says that as many as 20 million app developers are required by the year 2020.

The decision to start your career as an Android developer can be your best professional decision in present scenario, which is marked by the dominance of android in connected device operating system ecosystem. However, this all may not be that easy to achieve as it may be to say, especially when you are just getting started.

We at ADTC Global Education know how to initiate you to android development, and help students and professionals acquire the skills they need to make a successful career in android development. Our experience tells that getting started as an Android developer is very much like many other entry-level programming jobs. Now let’s discuss what the employers look for in an android developer and what all you need to start down this career path full of amazing possibilities.

Technical Skills Required of an Android Developer
Technical Skills Required of an Android Developer Based on our experience at ADTC Global Education, we have listed some generalized requirements for an android developer. It is quite obvious that you will find these requirements with some variants, but this list should be able to guide you to right direction!

Required Technical Skills
1. Java
If you think you want to be an android developer, you should of course be comfortable with the Java programming language. True that android apps can be developed using a number of other technologies, most of the requirements are for native android app development using Java and Android Studio or Eclipse as your IDE.

2. The Android SDK
Being comfortable with the android SDK is also one of the basic requirements. But what all areas of the android SDK should you concentrate to start with? The given list holds some basic Android concepts that you should be familiar with:
• Basic understanding of layouts and views
• Basic understanding of activities and their lifecycle
• User input
• Getting data from the World Wide Web
• Storing data for various purposes
• Understanding of collection views and Adapters (default and custom)
• Understanding of Action Bar
• Inclusion of different screen sizes and densities

3. Knowledge of APIs
As mentioned earlier, collecting data from all over the World Wide Web is quite a basic skill required of an android app developer. This is so because many apps have a network-based component. Although knowledge of APIs is no compulsory in many of the job requirements, some positions expect the android developer to be able to work with their own API or some other available 3rd party APIs.

An Important Non-Technical Skill – Being Passionate

What did you say? You may dread finding this word in various job requirements? But it appears pretty often, doesn’t it? We often find employers seeking “passionate, self-driven and motivated” employees! But what does this actually mean? On top of everything, you need to convey this in your job interview?

Simple, believe in your abilities and have this conviction of being able to excel at a given position and check the job requirements at hand. If you find it interesting and rewarding enough, have the confidence of being able to take it to the next level. Now just convey this conviction.

Other Usual Requirements
Some usual requirements that appear with various job positions:
1. Your Own Published Android App
The employers are smart enough to check the easiest and the most authentic way to judge if you are the best candidate for their job requirements, i.e., to ask and check a real app on Google Play with your name on it.

ADTC Global Education’s Android Application Development Program gives students and professionals an opportunity to publish their developed apps on Google Play as a part of their training. They get to work on live projects as a part of the android training.

2. Your Graduation Degree
Although the list is not exhaustive, it may seem like a lot if you are a beginner, but it is not difficult to build this pool of required skills for starting with android development faster than you might think. If you are already enrolled for ADTC Global Education’s Android application development training, then you know by experience that how quickly you can learn the basics. If you are not already a student, check out our Android application development program as it is structured to teach you everything you need to know to become an Android developer.