About Us

About ADTC Global

Connecting Organisations around the World
ADTC Global Education (An ATMC Group Initiative) is a virtual- interactive learning education and training platform accessible through internet and cloud-based, for Corporate/ Working professionals & Students.

ADTC Global Education is based on the concept of “Learn while you Work” from the best. Its unique concept of “Anytime, Anywhere Learning” wherein the constraints of location, time & accessibility are bridged through a virtual platform is the core factor ( Connecting Organizations around the World). We are focused on changing the way world learns

ADTC Global is backed by a global Education Group ATMC which is a nationally recognized Australian educational institute, well established with multiple campuses across Australia & Asia & having its regional offices across APAC, Middle East & China. ATMC has its collaboration with the leading Australian universities with proven strengths, in Information Technology and Business Studies and having global recognition

ATMC college Council is chaired by Dr John Harvey who, during an illustrious career with IBM, has played a leading role in the founding and operations of the Federation University Australia's Technology Park Academic Board : The Chief Academic Officer, Dr Paul Kelly chairs the Academic Board, a panel of senior academics. ADTC Global also has strategic alliance with the leading Social Networking Website of Engineers - Faadooengineers.com. Faadoo Engineers is India’s first dedicated website for Engineering graduates & aspirants & has one of the largest database of engineers.

Why ADTC Global Education?

ADTC Global caters to all segments of the society through General Management courses, Certificate courses and Doctoral Programs for all students and working professionals who are aspiring to learn from International and Domestic premier Institutes and Universities. Couple with that we have the expertise in Skill development courses as per international standard for the segment which is far from boundaries.

Working executives can attend the interactive sessions from any locations irrespective of geographies and do not need to be away from work in order to enroll for these programs. Sessions are usually held in the evenings or over the weekends and the duration of the programs range from six months to one year. The programs have been conceived and designed by the faculty members of the Institute.

We also offer customized programs based on the need and requirement of the corporates and training modules to Corporate houses to meet there specific management needs.We offer analytical insights and skills, and provide a thorough knowledge base so that today’s practicing managers can emerge as leaders of tomorrow.

Technology ( Interactive Online Sessions-IOS)

Sessions are delivered by faculty from the campus at the structured studio. Studios set up at different locations are fully equipped with all required audio, video and computer systems that allow the instructor to teach and interact with students who could be spread across the world.

The Interactive Online Learning Platform

ADTC Global Education backed by ATMC Education Group have an advanced platform which combines the critical aspects of real time verbal and visual communication , 2-way video and audio synchronized sessions collaborated with discussion groups, application sharing and live interaction. With this platform, live sessions become highly intuitive and effective, as video and rich interactive content are delivered directly to the devices of the student.

Teaching Methodology

Our Partner Institutes cover the most relevant modules to help you keep pace in today’s demanding business environment. Our work with the Management and Technical Institutes of Knowledge as well as the endorsement of our courses and programs by both associations assures you the most insightful, current, and applicable training available. Participants are given the Certificate and Alumni status after the successful completion of the course.

Virtual Training

Savings on your conveyance time and expenses and study from anywhere in the world through our live and online virtual training courses. Sessions are offered several times throughout the year and can be conveniently integrated into your daily schedule.


• Degree from a premier Indian B School or an International University.
• Exploiting synchronous learning for executive education.
• Processes & Ideas for workplace.
• Enhance ‘Leadership’ skills
• Industry-relevant course content
• High quality of online course delivery
• Flexibility of pace & complexity


• Propel career growth
• Outshine peers
• Effective & Employable.
• Get recognized at work
• Make your resume ‘stand out’
• Fast track his career growth